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Precision Pieces Explained

Learn more about our Precision Pieces

Read the details of the Precision Pieces below to discover the full benefits.  For more information on service details and costs contact Prime Meridian or your authorized Prime Meridian Reseller. 


  • Precision Prep – prepare your monitors to collect “good” data.  The Precision Prep package organizes your grower, farm and field names for your precision monitors before you go to the field.  It also uploads associated field boundary data and key variety and product information in a standardized format.  A must service for those serious about profiting from precision ag data.
  • Precision Boundary – in the precision ag world the GPS field boundary is about as important as your Social Security number.  It is your field’s unique identifier and foundation for all other precision ag data.  Prime Meridian can create those boundaries either in-house electronically or on-site.  Start building your foundation today.
  • Precision Plant – where did you plant it?  When did you plant it?  The Precision Plant package organizes your planting data to show detailed variety and seeding population information across your entire farm.  A critical precision piece to evaluate hybrids, seeding rates and even document planting and re-plant acres and dates for crop insurance purposes.
  • Precision Seed – all acres were not created equal – so why plant the same population on every acre?  Maximize modern seed trait technology to its fullest with variable-rate seeding prescriptions and watch your yield grow.  
  • Precision Applied – take the labor and guesswork out of application reporting.  Go digital.  Document every input that goes on your fields from fertilizer to fungicides.
  • Precision Harvest – the yield map is still the key piece of data in the precision equation.  It is the digital agronomic grade card to your management decisions that were made throughout the crop year.  Precision Harvest includes complete field yield maps and field and variety reports.  
  • Precision Guide – lightning never strikes the same place twice and neither can you recreate an autosteer guidance line.  Ensure that you save your autosteer guidance lines for critical operations like strip-till and side-dressing.  A must package for RTK users.  Precision Guide also offers growers the ability to convert guidance lines from one monitor type or brand to another while maintaining GPS accuracy.


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