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We know we're only successful if you have success with our products and services.  That's why our Customer Support Representatives will diligently work with you to answer your questions promptly and get you back on track.  Prime Meridian delivers outstanding technical support via phone service, email and's interactive online support service. 


Support Hours 

Customer Service and Support is available Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5 p.m. (U.S. - Central Time).  After hours you may leave a voice message by calling 417-684-7803.


Support - The 3 C's

1.  Call - Need Help?  We're here to help. Call 417-667-4471. It your troubles involve GPS data, Prime Meridian's service representatives will help you solve your glitches and answer questions.  

2.  Connect Online - Call then Click.  With online remote support, Prime Meridian's service representatives are "virtually" there with you to help solve problems.  Simply call 417-667-4471 and request an online support session.  Your Prime Meridian support representative will provide over the phone or via email a 6-digit code to enter in the box below. 

Enter your 6-digit code:

 3.  Contact us - If it's after hours or its just easier to put your questions in writing, then contact us via email by clicking here or by filling out the form below. Our customer service representatives are constantly monitoring all incoming requests so we'll be in touch very soon.

Training Solutions:

Part of Prime Meridian's success stems from the fact that we empower our customers and their clients to become successful.  Essential to achieving such success with our products and services is Prime Meridian comprehensive training solutions that are made available to Prime Meridian resellers and their grower customers.  Whether its remote online setup and training session on your new AgriMAX account or on-site training of your customers training them in proper data collection methods and how to maximize their precision investment.  

To learn more about Prime Meridian's Training Solutions click here.


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