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Online Data Storage Account  – It’s important enough to be included in every precision service package offered. Every client has an online account that is their home to store, share and profit from their precision ag data. This is the first place where data from planter monitors, sprayers and especially yield monitors should go. Its the client’s precision agriculture safe deposit box. All your farm’s data whether processed or raw is there 24/7, 365.
Monitor Prep Package   This proactive precision service makes sure that your precision monitors are ready to go to the field when you are. All operators, growers, farms and fields along with the GPS field boundaries are pre programmed into all your farm’s precision displays before you plant, spray or harvest. In addition, your choice of seed varieties and crop inputs can be also loaded to make sure your precision records are right year-after-year.
Precision Plant  Variety placement and seed population maps along with detailed reports showing planting date, total planted acres and total field acres. Information is combined with yield data to complete reports such as yield by variety and yield by population.
Precision Harvest  GPS yield maps are the foundation of any precision management program. That’s why Precision Mapping not only prints maps but coaches growers on how to calibrate and collect good yield data. The yield map is the last chapter that closes the book on a crop year – it is a very valuable management piece in your Precision Plans.
Precision Apply  From sprayer reports to documenting application of anhydrous and other fertilizers you have a complete record of all inputs for all acres with this service. Can serve as documentation for reporting purposes and also advanced analysis when combined with other GIS information such as yield data.
Precision Profile  What precision pieces do you have? What do you want to achieve with precision and what is your timeline for getting there? The Precision Profile is just that – a profile of your farm’s current precision state and recommendations of how best to integrate precision hardware to best serve your farm’s precision needs and direction.
Yearly Data Updates  As more data is collected it becomes more dynamic, more valuable and simply more useful. That’s why at the end of the crop year the collective sum of data is reprocessed. This keeps your data from getting stale. For example, by tracking crop nutrient removal through yield maps, prescription nutrient recommendations can be updated annually instead of once every four years like many other services. Such annual updates are critical to getting to where you want to be in your Precision Plan.
Crop Removal Nutrient Recommendations  In the absence of site-specific fertility data, nutrient recommendations may be created using simple yield-based nutrient removal formulations approved by the client. Using GPS yield data to track removal of such variable-rate nutrient prescriptions can be created in order to keep field fertility balances on par.
GPS Grid Soil Sample Package  All precision packages which include GPS grid soil sampling include complete GPS boundaries run on-site and a standard grid-size of 2.5 acres. Collected soil samples are processed through Midwest Laboratories of Omaha, NE ( or equivalent certified soil testing laboratory). Soil lab results and corresponding collected GIS information is processed through Prime Meridian. Customized soil nutrient recommendations are provided in electronic form to the client and applicators. Information is made available via electronic format.
VRT Seeding Prescription Mapping  Variable-rate seeding is the next logical step for veteran precision managers. This service creates prescription seeding population recommendations using available agronomic GIS data such as years of normalized yield maps, soil variations and other information defined and approved by the client.


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