Prime Meridian

Dealer Spotlight

Dishman Fertilizer

As a locally-owned fertilizer and input supplier located in Helena, Missouri, Dishman Fertilizer found Prime Meridian’s Resellers Program to be the perfect fit for his retail business. Bottom line. It was a simple and economical way they could provide advanced precision agricultural services to their customers without having to add overhead to their existing business. 
Jerry Dishman II says he chose Prime Meridian because they offered his customers the ability to do more than just variable-rate and grid-soil mapping. Another factor in favor of Prime Meridian was the flexibility and being able to “customize” the precision pieces to fit his business. For example, he was able to still use in-house and local soil sampling services along with his existing soil lab account.  Prime Meridian simply takes it from there – doing all the data processing, creating branded customer map booklets, providing nutrient recommendations and posting all files including hardware controller VRT files on his Prime Meridian AgriMAX account – an account that also allows “precision” interaction with his retail customers. 
Click here to view the recent Q & A session where Jerry shared, in his own words, what Prime Meridian does for Dishman Fertilizer.


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