Prime Meridian

3 Principles

Information has become agriculture’s most abundant crop. So, where do you store this crop? How do you manage it? What do you harvest from it?

The answers to these questions lie within Prime Meridian’s three principles:

STORE – At Prime Meridian, we store and protect ALL your precision farm data and the growers’ data – keeping it organized and safe. It’s all there in your secure online account so you can access it whenever and wherever you need it.
SHARE – Data is coming from all different directions but it is only valuable when its shared with the local experts that help make things grow. Now input suppliers, seed dealers and local crop consultants have ONE place to do the business of precision –
PROFIT – How much fertilizer does that field need? How much lime do I need to put on? Which variety performed best on my farm? What is my optimum planting date for corn? You can only maximize a farm’s profit if you start to answer these questions. At Prime Meridian we’re there behind the scenes working – providing the answers to these questions.


Let a Prime Meridian representative show you how you can discover the answers to your questions today by scheduling a free online tour of their precision tools and services by filling out the form below or contact us directly at 417-667-4471.


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