Prime Meridian


Thank you for your interest in becoming a Prime Meridian Dealer. Through Prime Meridian's extensive set of tools and fully staffed team, you will give your customers the advantages of having your own data service center, without having to hire new staff members or invest in new technology infrastructure. 

How do I become a Prime Meridian Dealer?

Becoming a Prime Meridian Dealer is simple. Sign up for MyPrime and pay the annual subscription fee. If you transact 5,000 acres worth of Prime Meridian services then your MyPrime subscription is FREE! Bonus: if you transact 5,000 acres you'll also receive a 10 percent discount on all Prime Meridian services during the same crop year. 

Dealer Requirements

  • $1,695 Dollars: Annual cost of your subscription to MyPrime - your online dealer dashboard where you can grow your precision services business. 
  • 5,000 Acres: Yearly goal. Sell 5,000 acres of Prime Meridian services during the crop year and let the rewards begin. 
  • 10 Percent: Meet your 5,000 acre goal and get 10 percent off all Prime Meridian services for the entire crop year. 
  • FREE: As a double bonus to meeting our 5,000 acre goal - your annual subscription to your MyPrime online account is absolutely free!

Qualified dealers must complete and have on file a completed credit application and also a Prime Meridian “Engagement of Services” contract.  To request these documents to sign up as a Prime Meridian Dealer or for review please contact Diane Ray at 417-667-4471

To learn more about becoming a Prime Meridian Dealer, contact us here. Be sure to request your complete Prime Meridian Dealer Packet in the comment section.



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