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Training and Customer Programs

Which would you rather have? An owner’s manual to your new car or your own personal chauffer. Most prefer the personal touch. That’s why when your company chooses Prime to deliver precision services we want you to know us like the back of your hand. That’s why Prime’s customer service reps are trained to be there to get you started with your Prime Account and help you discover all it can do.
On-Site Training Options On-Line Training Options Customer Support

We’ll spend the time training you and your staff to use Prime’s services.

We’ll also explain what each service does, how much it costs and how to place orders and then put the finished product to work back in your operation or on your client’s.

Thanks to remote on-line meeting technologies and video conferencing Prime Meridian can be right there with you even though physically we may be miles away.
Our trained staff will virtually walk you through the workings of your Prime Account and help you place your first order.
Forgot something or something not working right? Simply request on-line support and we’ll get your precision order back on track. 

Prime Meridian supports their retail partners by offering data training programs for their customers. These informational meetings help customers learn and discover how to do a better job of data collection, what types of data must be collected, why protecting and storing your original data is important, why standardized naming of fields, farms and varieties is so important and finally what’s in it for them. Call your Prime representative to set up your grower meeting today.

 In addition to individual grower data training meetings – 

Prime offers individual online support to help growers create an account or upload and protect their valuable original “raw” precision data to their account. Grower’s just need to stick their card or USB in their computer, click the Prime Meridian remote support button and we’ll take care of your data from there. No software programs to learn or complicated file transfers – we make it simple. 


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