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Prime Packages – Multi-Year Offerings 

Effective precision ag services should be as routine as applying fertilizer and putting seed in the ground. Prime Packages leverage the power of precision through multiple years worth of data allowing you to put your customer’s precision data management on autopilot with Prime Meridian’s multi-year management bundles.
Prime Packages are recurring four-year plans that ensure your clients stay on the precision track. These packages put all the “precision pieces” together so your customers don’t have to.
Features Maximize Manage Maintain Monitor
Online Data Storage Account        
Monitor Prep Package        
Precision Plant        
Precision Harvest        
Precision Apply        
Precision Profile        
Yearly Data Updates        
Crop Removal Nutrient Recommendations        
GPS Grid Soil Sampling Package        
VRT Seeding Prescription Mapping        
MAXIMIZE – The most complete and most progressive precision plan. In addition to the secure online account, monitor programming, mapping, soil sampling and nutrient removal tracking – it also gives you variable-rate seeding options and a personalized precision plan. Yes, the MAXIMIZE package even includes a one-on-one annual assessment and consultation of where you are in your plan, what’s changed and how best to achieve your precision management goals in an ever evolving agricultural world.

MANAGE – If you can measure it – you can manage it. Measuring soil fertility is key feature of the MANAGE package. By implementing proven GPS grid soil sampling practices over each acre the MANAGE package makes other pieces or precision data even more valuable. The package also includes the tracking of annual nutrient removal and corresponding updates to variable-rate fertility maps. MANAGE is our most popular multi-year program.

MAINTAIN – More than just monitoring and mapping. The MAINTAIN package builds on the MONITOR package and uses the digital yield data to track annual crop nutrient removal. By knowing removal variable-rate recommendations – growers can replenish each acre by what was removed. This makes sure your most productive acres stay exactly that – productive.

MONITOR – This package delivers on the essential precision pieces that are irreplaceable in order to grow a sustainable precision agriculture program. No two years are exactly alike – that’s why the complete collection of GPS monitor data from the planter, combine and sprayer are so vital. With complete annual map sets from planting to harvest and the archiving of your original data in your Prime account – the MONITOR package stands ready to take you to the next level of precision.


Why do Prime Packages Work?

The Prime Packages work because our precision specialists are there every step of the way to make sure you are collecting the right data and you are making management decisions based on good, current and complete information. Successful precision ag programs don’t just happen overnight. That’s why your customers need a plan. That’s why they need Prime. To learn more, call 417-667-4471.


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