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The Precision Pieces services offered by Prime Meridian to retailers and their grower clients serve as the foundation upon which to build long-term precision programs and the ability to profit in an increasingly high-tech industry.

Through the Precision Pieces program, Prime Meridian works with retailers and their growers to collect and extract valuable data from their precision ag hardware.  Now all precision data from planting to harvest can be collected correctly and stored securely online through Prime.  By implementing these packages growers and their trusted local agri-retailers will be building the foundation for their long-term precision program – allowing them the ability to profit in an increasingly high-tech, competitive industry.


Here are just some of the key standardized services offered through the Precision Pieces program.

Precision Soil

Precision Boundary

Precision Guide

Precision Seed


Precision Soil is more than X marks the spot soil sampling.  Discover how Precision Soil fits into your agronomic program and is the foundation for the rest of Prime Meridian's Precision Pieces. - Read more - 

Precise GPS Field Boundaries are the foundation for your precision ag program. Start building your foundation today. 
-

Ensure you save your auto steer guidance lines for critical operations like strip-till and side-dressing. A must for RTK users. 
-

Maximize modern seed trait technology to its fullest with variable-rate seeding prescriptions and watch your yield grow. - Read more - 

Precision Applied

Precision Harvest

Precision Plant

 Precision Prep

Take the labor our of application reporting. Go digital. Document everything that goes on your fields from fertilizer to fungicides.  
-

Complete harvest yield maps with detailed farm and field summary reports. - Read more -  


Variety and populations maps. Detailed reports show planting data, field acres and much more.  
-

Precision Prep organizes your fields and farms, boundaries and products before you go to the field.
-

 For more information on service details and costs contact Prime Meridian or your authorized Prime Meridian Reseller.


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