Prime Meridian

Precision First Program

Connect the Dots with Precision First

Precision agriculture works – plain and simple. But with so many programs, tools and options available, how do you make it work for your farming operation? What’s the first steps to success?

It starts with a plan – and no a paper map is not a plan! A successful plan connects the right precision tools, right services and right people to your farming operations. There are no shortcuts, no magic bullets or easy buttons.

That’s why we’re here to bring everything together seamlessly, helping you to collect, store and utilize your data in whole new ways – conveniently, securely and profitably.

The Precision First program from Prime Meridian simply connects all the dots for you. It focuses on building a precision foundation based around “Good Data” that you control – not somebody else. Our belief is simple: Good Data = Good Decisions.

So whether you’re new to precision or a true precision pro, we will help you implement a plan and get the right tools and services you need in order to harvest the true power of precision on your farm.

You only have so many harvests in a lifetime – and each year you strive to make next year better than the last. To do that effectively – it takes a plan. Start your plan today by letting Prime Meridian help you put Precision First.

Want to learn more?

Learn more about the Prime Meridian Precision First Program by giving us a call at (417) 667-4471 for more information!

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