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About Us

The Precision Agriculture Challenge

Precision agriculture data has been called the new currency of 21st century agriculture. And rightly so. But ever since the first yield maps started appearing in the mid-90’s, a persistent problem has plagued growers: 
There has never been one place where growers could store, secure and share their original precision agriculture data.

What we believe:

  • “It’s your data!” For the future of your farming operation or agri-business you need to do everything you can to protect your data and most importantly, profit from it.
  • There is more to precision agriculture than endless collections of three-ring notebooks filled with faded color maps or office desk drawers that contain multiple years worth of monitor memory cards.
  • Growers do not want to buy, learn and struggle with more desktop mapping software, rather, they want solutions that help them manage their farm better than the season before

What we do: 

Prime Meridian was created to give growers and the local agri-retailers an independent online forum that streamlines everything related to precision ag data. We do not sell fertilizer, seed or iron. We are not tied to a specific software solution or serve a particular line of precision hardware. We are proud of our independence and work to serve the grower and his/her local agriculture team with online tools and services that makes precision data more meaningful and simpler to use.
Discover the power of Prime today and start learning and earning more from your investment in precision agriculture.


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